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Sunday, July 24, 2016

From East London to West of London (Photos: Scott Pearse/Imraan Gallo | Words: Imraan Gllo)

It's probably the dream of any driver to tour the world and drive on some of the best circuit in the world. To many, that path is a road less or even almost never traveled. Have you ever sat down and thought of all the details pertaining to such an experience? From my point of view, I'd be thrilled to travel the world and bring back content from different countries, sadly, that reality is still a bit out of reach.

For Wade van Zummeren, that dream happened not too long ago. During my visit to East London for the Ford & Friends circuit event, I was fortunate enough to catch a few words with Wade and he sort of hinted towards the idea that he was going to Europe. Now I'm not sure if the VR34 was built specifically for the abroad events of if Wade just wanted a change of chassis for the local championship.

The battleground, Mondello Park, for the Drift All-Stars/IDC round. There was no way I could physically be there so with the help of my good friend Scott Pearse from Pearse Performance, we at HoodRide were able to get some kind of idea as to what goes on beyond the borders of our national championship.  From a media point of view, I don't think there is a photographer in the world that would complain about the cloudy lighting, just perfect.

While drifting may be of Japanese origin, if the rear wheels are what drive you then it should be good enough to take sideways. BMW owners in South Africa feel the maintenance expense on daily drivers, I can't begin to imagine what it's like to run an E92 drift setup. Already just from viewing photos and watching a bit of video streaming, there is a huge gap between local and international competitors.

However, no matter where in the world you go, you will find a RPS13 at a drift event I guess. Almost like the Dime of a Dozen in the drifting community. But this RPS13 belongs to Steve "Baggsy" Biagioni, so drift fans in SA know that it's pretty much capable of running with the heavy hitting bigger cars, okay granted it's packing 8 cylinders so coupled with that chassis it seems pretty fun.

Having been involved in local drifting through media. One thing I love about the internationals is their use of big rear wings, which I particularly like if done properly. Otto Gravens' S15 is a car I love starring at because of that big wing it has. Another reason I like the IDC drivers is due to their competitive spirit and it's probably the closest thing to drifting style in Japan. 

Regardless of who pressed the button. This has got to be one of my proud moments, to host 2 of my European favourite drivers under the HoodRide brand. FredOx and Shane O-Sullivan are by far my 2 most watched European drivers. I like their style of driving and let's be honest a Spy+ Soarer and JapSpeed S15 just look the part, not to forget but FredOx beat O-Sullivan in this battle. 

Closer to home favourite,  our very own Wade was out on track and feedback from a few contacts in Ireland suggested that he seemed a bit off his normal pace. Now I'm never one to judge but Wade got knocked out in the Top 32 which is a knockout round we don't have in SA. Usually he places in the top 5 of local comps top 16, which leads me to ask the question, either Wade was just out driven or the local competition has to up the level back home in South Africa?. Let's hope he has a top 16 finish next time though.

Considered blasphemy to the purist but a better option to drifters across the globe. Any car coupled with a JZ motor is something that is quite common. After seeing some of these images, I must say that we are way behind in terms of progress. The pit area alone is setup well and seems to be very welcoming.

While Drift All-Stars is a combination of varying power plants, most of the cars have settled for boosted V8's. The Chevy LS range seems to be the preferred choice in drifting as I know a few cars in SA also running LS V8's. Janis Eglite's E46 is no exception with a LS1 dropped in. I have previously only seen this car in photos described by Speedhunters' Paddy McGrath as the best drift event he had ever attended. 

The last time I saw a photo of these two go at it was also from photos of the above mentioned drift event. James Deane took 2nd place at this round but having said he is also a driver that consistently places higher up on the list. I'm definitely hoping to see more of Wade take on the world. This upload was just our way of showing support for one of our own drivers in SA. A very big thank you to Scott Pearse for allowing us to publish some of his images and maybe we can somehow find a way to always have some type of coverage when 1 of our local drivers goes abroad. 

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