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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Family Values. Low Class. Higher Standards.

Words/Photos: Mahesh Kalain

The Low Class group of enthusiasts are something quite special. ‘Never low enough’ is often the phrase you’ll hear coming from one of their members. With a diversity and variety of cars within their group, Low Class have developed a solid following with three of their cars. The Volkswagen game seems to be over-played, yet it never seems to go out of trend. Low MK1 Golfs are always popping up on the show scene, with great re-interpretations of something that’s most probably been done. Small wheels, crazy lows, epic fitment. A couple of months ago, we spent the afternoon with two of Cape Town’s infamous MK1 Golfs. Samir’s and Shane’s examples are proper ideations of a culmination of styles from both the Euro-scene, and the local scene.

Both cars are running static. Coilovers turned all the way down, for maximum lows, these young lads take it to the next level. Their cars are immaculate to say the least. Proper show cars that get driven daily. Both sitting on a set of 15 inch wheels, respectively. Unfortunately due to the nature of the Southern African market, replica wheels play the order of the day, as original split wheels are really pricey, and are getting ever so difficult to source. The VW’s sit of replica OZ Futuras and MTechnica’s.

Next, the Instagram famous @flipairr and his epically fitted Honda Civic. This car has seen transformation a number of times. From a basic stock coupe, to getting wheeled and lowered, and up until now, a full custom respray, with monumentally wide Work Equip 01’s, it emulates the love of a stance enthusiast. I don’t think Flippie initially had the plan of changing the car’s look so many times, but you know the saying, when the bug bites, it bites hard. The car drives on 15 inch Work Equip 01’s that were custom widened. CapeStance Air did the air setup on the car, bringing it closer to the tar. The interior is relatively stock, with hints of JDM influence. The results are awe-aspiring.

Given the love this group have for the stance scene, it only takes a few minutes mingling with them, that one realises this goes far deeper than just the love for cars. This is definitely a family with values. 

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