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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Uber Clean. Noor Abraham's mint VW Golf MK3

It’s been nearly a month ago since I came face to face with a car that has been in my mind from a few years ago. Harking back to a few years ago, Volkswagen enthusiasts locally, had a publication that they could call their own. What comprised of only locally picked, and featured Volkswagen cars, soon gave birth to a magazine called VDub Magazine. It sold as a monthly publication, and it covered everything and anything VAG. I am, infinitely, a die-hard Porsche fan, and with that, came the love for Volkswagen. Volkswagen and Porsche are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s two entities that almost cannot be taken apart within the tuning world. Chances are a lot of you may have seen cross-brand part swapping, where Volkswagen cars would sport parts, such as wheels, trims, interior bits, and badges from their Porsche alternatives, which encompassed the OEM+ Euro look that fills the VAG scene on a yearly basis. Although, I can probably talk infinitely about this, I won’t. But this does bring me to the car in question.

So back in the early 2000’s, growing up in South Africa was a beautiful thing. The land of the free, having access to the internet more often, and also, having access to more magazines, especially the car type. VDub magazine came along one month, featuring 2-door VW Golf MK3’s, and that was the day I had enjoyed the pleasure of viewing one of the cleanest, and most tastefully put together MK3’s in South Africa. It sat upon a set of OEM Audi TT Competition 5’s, also known as “Phat 5’s’. The car rested low on coil-overs, with the most thoughtful interior to match the clean exterior.  The owner of the car, Noor Abrahams, became an instant local hero. I’ve followed many MK3’s and their builders within the Euro-circles, and this car was on that level for me. Come January 2016, a good mate, Deelan Lala, had organized a meet up with Noor, to chat about car parts, and in particular, the MK3. Now driving a lowered car in Cape Town is tricky, but it’s even trickier when you stay in Bo-Kaap, a small area just outside of Cape Town’s CBD. With its pebbled roads, and hilly drive ways, we made our way up.

After the introductions and obligatory car talk, we eventually made our way to location, for the shoot. Noor has a ritual when pulling his car out of the garage. Even though it isn’t the lowest, it’s definitely a struggle to get it off the drive and onto the road. Noor treats his beloved MK3 like a Ferrari. While chatting, I gathered that this car gets washed more then it gets driven, it’s always clean, he never ever drives it in the rain, and I also gathered that this was a special occasion, since this was the first time we met, and he was taking his car out for me.

Upon inspecting the car further, it made me miss my personal MK3. Even though it wasn’t a 2 door, it still filled the void of not having one. Now most don’t really understand the love with a Golf MK3. Some say its slow, which it may be, some say it’s too round, and some say that the shape is to new, but the motor options were too old aged. I guess each to their own anyway. Noor’s car has all the best bits. It sports a Bonrath lower chin spoiler, Hella lights all-round, a Momo steering wheel and gear shifter on the inside, UK-cabriolet stubby wing mirrors, and a set of really rare BBS RV205 wheels. The story behind the wheels is a interesting. Noor contacted BBS regarding the set in question, he was put through to BBS Germany, and apparently this set was the last set that they had, and would ever produce. He made the necessary steps, and soon, these wheels were his.

Spending time with this legend was refreshing. Not much has changed since it’s magazine feature. It went through a few sets of wheels, including a set of Porsche Carrera S wheels. Noor is busy with a certain VW Fox project, and we’ll be sure to see how it unfolds. Thanks Noor!

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