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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Only The Fittest. Part 2. (Photo Heavy)

Words & Photos: Mahesh Kalain
As an all-round car enthusiast, and an avid wheel collector, I have come to know a good amount of people through shows, meets, and the occasional wheel deal. About 4 years ago, CapeStance HQ, in the form of Tauriq, visited Johannesburg. We knew each other over social media, and so finally, we’d meet in person. We talked, a lot, about cars, wheels, and shows.

Over the years I have watched CapeStance grow tenfold, doing good things, uplifting the car scene, and adding an installation service for paying customers, who would like to go low. The story starts with Only The Fittest 2014. As a show goer, it was something I had missed, and the plan was made to be present for the next one. Fast-forward to 2015...
As the year slowly began to draw to a close, hype was created about Only The Fittest 2015. Rumours of billion rand aeroplanes and hangers seemed to attach the rumours, and soon after, all the hype was answered. OTF15 was the subject for many days before. The morning of the 27th of December buzzed with anticipation, as the hanger, where OTF15 began filling up. Cars were strictly curated and positioned for the final unveiling and official opening at 12pm mid-day.
Some of the best cars were on display, showcasing what a blank canvas a standard car actually is. See, the thing about a custom car show is that you attend it not knowing what to expect. It is so diverse that there is no right or wrong, because each car that was built was done so based on the owner’s vision. It’s as simple as that. Specific cars stood out for me, and that is ok, as we all have our own tastes and likes.
The hanger was scattered with low cars, wide wheels, classic cars, race cars, a super car in the mix, and a classic BMX collection, all surrounded by a couple of very expensive private jets. Crossing paths with influential people in the industry has given me greater insight into what goes into hosting a show of this calibre. The CapeStance ‘kids’ and the team did exceptionally well in providing a great show even though there was so much choice for motoring enthusiasts on that specific weekend.
Stance gets  a bad rep all the time. You’ll hear purists squeal about destroying the functionality of the car, or older people complaining about a shoddy ride quality, but in all honesty, if stance is what appeals to you, then why stop. We use cars as a blank canvas to create something out of, and in this case, its stance. Personally, if you’d have to ask me, I’d tell you that Only The Fittest is definitely an event that you need to place on your motoring calendar if you are into stanced cars. Hat’s off to an epic event. Visit for more.

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