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Friday, December 12, 2014

Part Hunting In A Dim Lit Room... (By Imraan Gallo)

For as long as I can remember, there has always been an intriguing aspect about the pieces to a puzzle we like to call cars, or racecars in this case. As a young boy flipping through the pages of HotRod magazine or finding myself trying to steal a peak from any one of the magazines or books that lined the shelves of book stores. You hear through the vine, that a certain manufacturer is bringing out a new product or part and not long after you stumble across a printed article relating to it. In today's time, the Internet has made this excitement slightly less exciting, but there are pro's and cons of it, if you are unable to visit the SEMA show in the states, you wait for media coverage which is the next best thing...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Drifted, Daily and A Fairlady... (By Imraan Gallo)

For most car enthusiast and petrol heads alike, the dream of owning a daily driver and a separate track car is a dream, but what if one could combine the pleasure of a daily driven with the joy of a track car and not just any track car, a drift ready daily. Sure there are consequences lending itself to the detriment of your well looked after car of which you throw around on track every so often. For Raymond Hearn and his 350Z, everyday driving and occasional drifting is just one of those function meets form type of scenarios and as we all know function prevails...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Road Trippin' To Go Drift-Rippin'... (by Imraan Gallo)

I often find myself travelling to events in a big metal bird like tube, and while it may be fast and effective in terms of the journey, it lacks adventure. Round 7 of our national drift series was slightly different, in that the journey included a short but good old fashioned road trip. Riding shotgun aboard  D1S BMW X5, which was a rather comfy ride I might add, we headed on our little journey of which was also somewhat adventurous. The D1S Supra loaded and we were on our way...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It Takes Two-To-Tandem... SD07 (By Imraan Gallo)

Round 7 of the 2014 SupaDrift Series, where to start?. I only got confirmation that of my presence there a few days before the event so naturally I didn't know what to expect or what I was going to bring back to share with everyone. Usually, I mentally prepare myself for what I think I want to do in terms of content coverage. It's difficult when you don't have an idea of what you want. You build relationships with the drivers on and off the track in order that you may be able to better describe a situation or bring in an emotion, maybe hint on a conversation that you may have had, and that's where it became difficult for me, because one of the drivers, and good friend of mine, left this world a bit too soon, But to my surprise, a fitting tribute to his passing on what displayed over the 2 day outing...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Last Slide... A Tribute To Riaz "SpinMaster" Alibhai. (By Imraan Gallo)

This is by far the most difficult piece of work I have ever had to do for the HoodRide label. On Saturday 9 August 2014 I received a message from another Supadrift Driver that Riaz Alibhai had passed away in a car accident. Upon hearing the news the first person I phoned was Bobby Brewis, responsible for the drift car of Riaz, known to many by as "The Punisher". As a friend, it will always be difficult to put the personality of Riaz into words as to the value of a friend. As a driver, it will most probably be a little easier to share a few words. One person that was always nearby to give Riaz that focus and mental stability, builder and mechanic to the punisher, Bobby Brewis. The following words are all pertaining to the events of SupaDrift Round 6 of 2014.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Like Pieces To A Puzzle...(By Imraan Gallo)

How many times have you taken a step back and just blocked yourself off from the surroundings to focus on that which not everyone takes note of. On a more personal note, I'm not a fan of people putting on a smile when a camera is pointed in there direction, I prefer the so called ninja approach, getting off snaps of people in there raw, natural state. Going beyond that, who are the people in question, the drivers, the organisers, the media, the fans, the supporters and probably also the pit crew that form part of the big puzzle that is a race weekend.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

When German love calls on Japanese Technology... (By Imraan Gallo)

As much as we'd like to, it's very seldom we get to do something like this, almost like a driver profile of some sort. Prior to SD06 there was a lot of funny posts going around the social media regarding the Supadrift series and mostly one driver in Particular, Jean Mare. The 1st time I met Jean was in Cape Town during an event called Revlife in 2012, since then Jean has become a good friend of both myself and HoodRide and also one of our avid supporters. Such support deserves appreciation, so during SD06, I took some time out of my usual hunting of horsepower and set the tone to a more chilled out vibe if I may say so. One can never know how to exactly express yourself when writing about a friend and the whole world is going to see it, but I'm going to give it a try and also give you some insight to the driver that is Jean Mare...

Ready To Rock, Almost Not... (By Imraan Gallo)

Fortunate, lucky, blessed...I could use any word closely related to gratitude to show my utmost thanks to the many people involved in being able to show my presence at Supadrift round 6, which was held during the last weekend of July in conjunction with the Gauteng Motor Show. Yes we love drifting, yes we love anything that involves a little danger and insane amounts of horsepower and oh hell yes we crave tire smoking hoonage here at HoodRide. Having only been to The Rock Raceway once before for a drag event, I was slightly nervous as to how do I go about covering this here event. For everybody is was a surprise to see me at this round of The Supadrift series, for me it was a heart warming reception that everybody, from the officials to the drivers were glad that myself and HoodRide could attend. That right there was proof that the work we do here at HoodRide does not go unnoticed.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Jealous Down. Sbu's MK2 Jetta

All good stories start with good memories, and that’s the case with Sbu, and his MK2 VW Jetta. Having told me about his passion for the brand, and how he got into it, its certain that him and his Jetta will be in the game for a long time coming. Sbu had mentioned that his obsession for a car with a boot started out when his father owned a similar MK2 Jetta. It helps to say that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree… Car builds these days tend to take a tedious amount of time. Choosing the correct parts are essential to building a strong show contender. Paint work is on the top of the list and expensive wheels are what makes or breaks the recipe. But for some reason, I don't think Sbu was aiming for scene points, infact, I think he doesn't even care for approval. What makes this car stand out are the small touches, the rough edges, and the lack of paint. But that doesn't mean the lack of creativity was left out of the equation. Creative thought can go a long way, even when funding is low.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Why You NO Sweat?... #becauseracecar (By Imraan Gallo)

How often do you go online, visit blog sites and web pages to feed your craving of high powered street machines and track monsters. When you see a post from speedhunters, wrecked magazine, bulletproof automotive and even stanceworks just to name but a few, your face lights up, your eyes begin to to water and you break out with a cry of OMG that's beautiful. In the years gone by, I've been told by alot of people that it is very difficult and almost impossible to gain access to this holy grail of horsepower heaven, now me being as stubborn and content hungry as I am, was not going to just let this need for eye candy pass by. The choice had to be made. Do I sacrifice Supadrift content and give the HoodRide fans something different or do I just listen to the masses and take it as law, that Steve Clarke is very strict about who he lets into his workplace. Deep down I just want to be a speedhunter in my own right, and that right comes with if it's awesome, share it with the people....