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Monday, September 28, 2015

Playing with Toys: Toyota Fest 2k15... (By Imraan Gallo)

Right up until the last min, I was rather unsure of whether or not I would attend the 2015 instalment of the Toyota Fest. knowing that, by no means possible, would this event be anything compared to any Toyota meet anywhere else around the world. I suppose that owning a Toyota, to some extent, was a deciding factor for me to go check out the rest of what cape Town had to offer for the Toyota brand.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Far From It's Home: A 917 That Climbs Hills... (By Imraan Gallo)

Strength is more than horsepower, it is when intelligence dominates that thing called brute force. Strength is a weakness that you should overcome and the doubts that need to be dismissed. It is when you remember your roots and never forget what the common goal is, strength is when you conquer the racetrack and strive to always stay in front on the road. Strength is a personal achievement, the victory you don't boast about, it's also the defeat that helps you learn. True strength is power, and distance, and time. If you know the history of Porsche, its strength is in racing and that for more than 60 years. Any Porsche, is a being that, always wants to return to the track.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Making The Best Of A Wet Situation... (By Imraan Gallo)

Part 2 of our adventure running wild with a few German horses took us to a parking lot of a mall where everyone obviously had some time to catch up on the scenic drive that was enroute to the destination. As previously mentioned, the weather wasn't exactly ideal but one thing I've learned is that the rain somehow just makes the atmosphere and the colours seem more vibrant. I took a quick break and when I returned, there were a few cars neatly parked, for what looked like, a little photoshoot. With the cars already in place, I felt the need to sponge off whoever choreographed the setting.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tunnel Vision: SABeemer Tunnel Run 2015... (By Imraan Gallo)

Whenever I see the letters "BMW", I can't help but think back to a day many years ago while talking to a BMW owner who's Yellow 1600-2 Saloon I was admiring. The words that came from his mouth were simply "BMW is to touring cars like Ferrari is to Formula 1, The Benchmark". Now my dad in all his craziness is also a bit of a BMW person so yes I grew up with a few BMW's around, Ranging from E30 318 and 333, E46, E90 and E53 X5. The one thing I can tell you that all these cars have in common is that they love to be driven, and driven hard. So when news of the tunnel run came to my attention, which was only 2 days before the time, I thought hard and long on whether or not I should go. I tend to avoid car shows as they get a bit boring for me unless it's something worth the effort. Since I missed the BMW day held earlier in the year, I was roped in to tag along on the run. It's a nice long road so there was definitely some craziness I had left over to use... 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

1 Mile Touge, Knysna HillClimb Pt.3... (By Imraan Gallo)

When I think about the term "Hill climb", automatically the words "Pikes Peak" and "uphill touge battle" are what pop into my mind. Many people this side of the world may still be unfamiliar with the term "touge", but to those who understand the origins, a hill climb event signifies horsepower and plenty of it running up a long winding road in the fastest time possible. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Car Spotting in Kuwait City

By Mahesh Kalain

Old photographs prove to be a good place to rekindle memories lost and relive them. As I’ve been doing some travels, I realised that I have so many photographs that I’ve managed to take and collect, that I actually haven’t got down to sharing them. While doing some weekly computer cleaning, sorting out files and folders, and creating new ones, deleting old ones, I came across an old hard drive. Curious to know what was on it, I plugged it up, and was stunned to see what was within the files on it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We Calling it OMT... (By Imraan Gallo) + BONUS IMAGES

This has probably been a long time coming, but to some extent there just had to be a ONE MORE TIME, and yes with a pun very much engaged as if it was a 600 hp hammer hitting the clutch. As many people might already know, we at HoodRide are taking a minor break from the mainstream. To our loyal supporters and readers, HoodRide, as a media label, will continue to function as usual but in a much lesser capacity. Now I know people will want to know why and the reasons for our decision but at this point in time, all that I can say, is that we will reinitiate within a few months time and continue doing Supadrift coverage. With that said, I think our perspective on SD05 can commence...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Equestrian Of A different Nature... (By Imraan Gallo)

While walking through the pit lane, any pit lane for that matter, my view of things happening around me is a lot different to what most people see. To most, the pit lane is just a place where you get to see the drivers and cars competing, up-close and are able to engage with them, for me it just cements the fact that humans were born with a competitive nature to battle. Think along the lines of ancient Rome. 6 horses chained to a chariot that carries the gladiator.  This is exactly what I see only that those 6 horses have now become 600, all neatly herded into a little thing we call an engine and the chariot, a metal box in which the gladiator, still continuing the age old tradition of wearing a helmet, is strapped in and ready to take on the enemy which we like to call the blacktop.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Running Up That Hill: A New King Is Crowned... (By Imraan Gallo)

Imagine for a moment, Lush green hills and greenery for as far as the eyes can see. The wind, swooping over the hills and whistling through the trees. Big blue sky, a sun kissed, leafy covered ground, the occasional bird spotting of the natural inhabitants and in the distance, the rumbling of a thousand horses. Forget the “go green” campaigns and the pollution activists for a moment as the horses we speak about are not of the mammal nature but rather mechanical form. Close your eyes and just picture all of the above in sequence, THAT is what I got to experience for the first time…

Monday, May 11, 2015

No KDF To See Here, Move Along... (By Imraan Gallo)

Although I stand corrected in my own views. Yes everybody loves drifting, its a real spectator sport, but this is competition, not a lifestyle or a culture, if its lifestyle you want, go to Paris or Monte Carlo, if its culture you seek dig into the grassroots and origins of the the activity.