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Friday, February 20, 2015

VDub Fest 2015. Part 2 (Picture Heavy)

On Part 2 of our coverage, we showcase more of what went down at VDub Camp Fest 2015. As you’ve most probably read, in the previous post, it the biggest aftermarket auto show in South Africa, yielding tens of thousands of spectators and car enthusiasts from all corners of South Africa.

We hope that 2016 will top what this year had, and we hope to see even more builds being done on such international standards. Slowly but surely, the South African auto scene is getting there, with a lot of emphasis on air set-ups, ear correct wheels, original wheels, and other oem modifications. VDub Camp Fest 2016, we’re waiting.

Friday, February 13, 2015

VDub Fest 2015. Part 1

VDub Camp Fest was created from necessity for South Africa to have a home-grown show, towards the likes of Worthersee, Edition 38, and so on. It has now established itself as the number one aftermarket car festival within the tuning realms of South Africa. VDub Camp Fest 2015 had had to be the biggest, and best so far, with team, Cumlaude Crew driving the event from start to finish, they have created a show that all South African car enthusiasts can be proud of. What started out as just a one day get together, has transformed into a fully fledged festival that spans over 3 days. VDub Camp Fest is fast becoming a staple in every South African car enthusiast’s diary.

This year proved to be the biggest, with crews, teams, and individuals coming from every corner of South Africa. Convoys from as far as the Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal and Port Elizabeth have made the holy track to spend time with like-minded people. Lets face it, without the people there wouldn’t be a scene worthy of what has been accomplished the past few years.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If Only For A Day: BTS with DriftMob... (By Imraan Gallo)

Every so often, you find yourself waking up from a dream and questioning if the thought that lingers in your mind actually happened of was it just a dream. In life, desiring something alone cannot make you have it, and such desires are what we call dreams. Being able to use all five sense and your brain telling you that what you are experiencing is "real". Sometimes dreams do come true, if only for a day. Usually being booked in advance and weeks of planning go into thoughts and ideas being processed, but that's in an ideal world, some peoples realities are however different to others.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

G R D, The Dorifto-Zoku of Cape Town... (By Imraan Gallo)

Living in a country that has only adopted forms of automotive joy and not really contributed to it on a global scale, I often find that people are confused between the two terms, culture and lifestyle. If you were to take culture for example, it is almost a carbon copy of its origin if it were being done in a place remote from where it began. Lifestyle on the other hand, for example, is basically utilising what you have at your disposal and performing the actions of that which a culture would portray. If I were to use drifting as an example. Since we take Japan as the origin of drifting, obviously Japanese cars were used, if you were to use a non Japanese cars for the same purpose it would not be cultural but more along the lines of lifestyle

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shakotan Down South... (By Imraan Gallo)

As a kid, growing up, and becoming aware of these four wheeled machines we call cars, going to the local drag strip or classic car show was about the only exposure I had into the modified or restored industry of automotives. Going out to a mall was the perfect excuse to spend some time hugging the magazine lined walls of a book store. Soon you are able to distinguish manufactures and types of mods that are being done the world over. When I became aware of this term, JDM, it was very new to me as the cars I read about and saw in print did not look anything like what I've seen on the streets of our country. Fast forward a few years and Japanese manga became all the more interesting and my curiosity of these Japanese street monsters became more enticing.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#perfectexposure: When The Ape Became A Drift Monkey (By Avesh Chhoteylal)

This was the first SuperDrift series event that I attended and it definitely did not disappoint. My first few steps into the event had was absolute madness, all I heard and saw were engines screaming; tires squealing and smoke bellowing from the track. That pretty much summed up my day at the track…

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hunting At A Speed Of 0km/h: OTF14... (By Imraan Gallo)

I once asked the question, "what is stance?", the most thought provoking answer I got was "It's a subjective ideology". Now, you can ponder all you want about that, but fact remains it's still not a definite answer or proper description, however, it opens up the mind to go out and explore for yourself the culture that is "stance" or "the low life" as some may refer to it. It's been almost 2 years since I attended one of these type events and the reason I've stayed away was simply because, it's a waste of my time and the quality cars were outnumbered by those that were trying their best. I've seen other media labels feature cars and in some respect many people create a hype about a specific car, so as a student of automotive culture I was now curious to see just how far this so called "stance" genre has grown.

My 1/8th Taste Of LeMans... (By Imraan Gallo)

 Since the day I came to know about the greatest race on earth called "The 24 hours of Le Mans", hailed by many as the grand prix of endurance and efficiency, I have always dreamed of someday going to the Circuit de la Sarthe, but sometimes dreams remain just dreams and so a little taste of endurance racing came to Cape Town, however only 3 hours but the most enjoyable race atmosphere I've had in a long time. The pit crew, the cars in different classes, the pit lane and the build up was only but a tickle of taste compared to an actual Le Mans race. With that said, it's sad to say that we are a long way from the standard that needs to be met to compete on that level...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Part Hunting In A Dim Lit Room... (By Imraan Gallo)

For as long as I can remember, there has always been an intriguing aspect about the pieces to a puzzle we like to call cars, or racecars in this case. As a young boy flipping through the pages of HotRod magazine or finding myself trying to steal a peak from any one of the magazines or books that lined the shelves of book stores. You hear through the vine, that a certain manufacturer is bringing out a new product or part and not long after you stumble across a printed article relating to it. In today's time, the Internet has made this excitement slightly less exciting, but there are pro's and cons of it, if you are unable to visit the SEMA show in the states, you wait for media coverage which is the next best thing...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Drifted, Daily and A Fairlady... (By Imraan Gallo)

For most car enthusiast and petrol heads alike, the dream of owning a daily driver and a separate track car is a dream, but what if one could combine the pleasure of a daily driven with the joy of a track car and not just any track car, a drift ready daily. Sure there are consequences lending itself to the detriment of your well looked after car of which you throw around on track every so often. For Raymond Hearn and his 350Z, everyday driving and occasional drifting is just one of those function meets form type of scenarios and as we all know function prevails...