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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Family Values. Low Class. Higher Standards.

Words/Photos: Mahesh Kalain

The Low Class group of enthusiasts are something quite special. ‘Never low enough’ is often the phrase you’ll hear coming from one of their members. With a diversity and variety of cars within their group, Low Class have developed a solid following with three of their cars. The Volkswagen game seems to be over-played, yet it never seems to go out of trend. Low MK1 Golfs are always popping up on the show scene, with great re-interpretations of something that’s most probably been done. Small wheels, crazy lows, epic fitment. A couple of months ago, we spent the afternoon with two of Cape Town’s infamous MK1 Golfs. Samir’s and Shane’s examples are proper ideations of a culmination of styles from both the Euro-scene, and the local scene.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Uber Clean. Noor Abraham's mint VW Golf MK3

It’s been nearly a month ago since I came face to face with a car that has been in my mind from a few years ago. Harking back to a few years ago, Volkswagen enthusiasts locally, had a publication that they could call their own. What comprised of only locally picked, and featured Volkswagen cars, soon gave birth to a magazine called VDub Magazine. It sold as a monthly publication, and it covered everything and anything VAG. I am, infinitely, a die-hard Porsche fan, and with that, came the love for Volkswagen. Volkswagen and Porsche are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s two entities that almost cannot be taken apart within the tuning world. Chances are a lot of you may have seen cross-brand part swapping, where Volkswagen cars would sport parts, such as wheels, trims, interior bits, and badges from their Porsche alternatives, which encompassed the OEM+ Euro look that fills the VAG scene on a yearly basis. Although, I can probably talk infinitely about this, I won’t. But this does bring me to the car in question.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Saucin'. Mark Labuschagne's cambered E46 M3.

Words & Photos: Mahesh Kalain

I over-heard a friend saying “80% of the reason why I came to Cape Town for OTF was to see Mark’s M3.” I understand why. Now, let’s face it, we almost never see heavily lowered BMW M3’s in South Africa, especially cambered out to this extent. I first heard about this car when Amish Raga, from Euro-Worx, down in Port Elizabeth, installed air ride. Photographs started to surface, and I kept a watch on this build, originally sporting a set of OEM M3 CSL wheels. When a car is stock, it’s what the factory wanted it to look like, feel like, and drive like. Then you get us, a different breed of car people, who are never satisfied with just being “factory”. A personal touch needs to be added, and it may start in a small way, maybe a set of wheels, better tires, possibly an exhaust system, and eventually, well, you know where this ends up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Perfectionist. The Dutchman and his Car Care Clinic.

Word & photos: Mahesh Kalain

This past weekend, I took the liberty to spend some time with Johann Botha, owner of The Dutchmans Car Care Clinic, situated in Cape Town’s CBD, which is part of the Club 9 and Dapper Coffee Co. facility. Perfection happens with a huge amount of patience and a willingness to learn something new every day. With humble beginnings, Johan, and his team have managed to carve out a huge chunk in the automotive detailing industry in South Africa. Starting small always has its lessons. Johan had shared with me, his story of how he got to where he is. He assures me that hard work, passion, and patience is the most fundamental keys to making something work.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Only The Fittest. Part 2. (Photo Heavy)

Words & Photos: Mahesh Kalain
As an all-round car enthusiast, and an avid wheel collector, I have come to know a good amount of people through shows, meets, and the occasional wheel deal. About 4 years ago, CapeStance HQ, in the form of Tauriq, visited Johannesburg. We knew each other over social media, and so finally, we’d meet in person. We talked, a lot, about cars, wheels, and shows.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A crazy little thing called "stance"... (By Imraan Gallo)

Gone are the days of show cars and modifieds, or atleast that's what I am seeing on the interwebs where South Africa is concerned. Slammed, Bagged, Poked and a few other words are what you see when scrolling through instagram feeds as hashtags. Now for the most part, most people know that I have a huge disregard for this "stance" genre, perhaps it’s just a case of misconception but even though that may be partly true, I still have to go out and see what the buzz is all about. Some might say it's contradictory because I consider myself a student of automotive culture and in my defence, "stance" does not meet the requirements to be a culture, it seems to be more a lifestyle kind of thing. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Evolution - Jacques Barnes Volkswagen Golf GTI

After just a few hours, the Internet, and Facebook were an absolute buzz after what happened to be the coolest automotive show this side of the country. Capestance, a group of stance enthusiasts, worked tirelessly, to bring forth a motoring exhibition that showcased the life of the stance culture. We’ll have a full feature about that soon. As it goes, after a car meet, we get to mingle with like-minded people, who love what we love. We always talk about car culture and the way it has evolved. Another evolution is this Volkswagen Golf GTI MK5. Owner by Jacques Barnes, the car has undergone somewhat of a makeover from the last time I had seen it.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Modern Day Art Car... (By Imraan Gallo)

The year was 1975, when BMW along with Herve Poulain introduced something, that has never been considered, into the world of racing and automotive. The idea was to showcase the relation between art and racing as racing is an art in itself. Enter the Art cars. World renowned artist were commissioned to hand paint cars how they saw fit, giving them total free range as to how the design would be materialised. Names like Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and the most recent of the range by Jeff Koons. In 2015 a company by the name CVP, took on a project which in retrospect can be aligned with the heritage of Art cars by designer Sebastian Ashburner. The campaign dubbed Project McLarry by co-founder of CVP, Matthew Benas.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Playing with Toys: Toyota Fest 2k15... (By Imraan Gallo)

Right up until the last min, I was rather unsure of whether or not I would attend the 2015 instalment of the Toyota Fest. knowing that, by no means possible, would this event be anything compared to any Toyota meet anywhere else around the world. I suppose that owning a Toyota, to some extent, was a deciding factor for me to go check out the rest of what cape Town had to offer for the Toyota brand.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Far From It's Home: A 917 That Climbs Hills... (By Imraan Gallo)

Strength is more than horsepower, it is when intelligence dominates that thing called brute force. Strength is a weakness that you should overcome and the doubts that need to be dismissed. It is when you remember your roots and never forget what the common goal is, strength is when you conquer the racetrack and strive to always stay in front on the road. Strength is a personal achievement, the victory you don't boast about, it's also the defeat that helps you learn. True strength is power, and distance, and time. If you know the history of Porsche, its strength is in racing and that for more than 60 years. Any Porsche, is a being that, always wants to return to the track.